Grandparents are Welcome

by Janice Koepnick, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator,  Certified DONA Birth Doula

“I am calling the nurse,” said my mother,  ” It is not normal for you to still be so tired and have so much pain when the baby is three months old.  Where is the number? ”

Too tired to argue we found the number.  The nurse came.  It turned out my baby and I had a thrush infection .  Thanks to my mother I received treatment and got better.

Knowledgeable, supportive grandparents can play a crucial role in the health and adaption of new parents and babies.

Unfortunately many grandparents may not be aware of new practices in birth, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Whenever we discuss handling unwanted advice in a prenatal class inevitably eyes roll and the talk turns to grandparents who raised their babies differently.

Doula clients complain… “If only they could put the cloth diapers on right,”

“I just want to avoid them because they are always trying to convince me to stop breastfeeding,” says another.

I suddenly had this thought one day,” If I had not been exposed to professional information, research, and workshops through the years  would I also do some of these annoying things?”

My oldest  was born twenty years ago .And even if I meant well and wanted to figure out what to do, with so many websites saying different things how would I figure it out? I would be very confused.Which book would I read?  But….  I would go to a class.  A class for grandparents.

I could create a class just for new grandparents.

Interestingly enough…these grandparents’ classes are offered in many parts of the world.I am not the first one to think of this idea.

Birth Roots welcomes Grandparents on April 27, 2016 12-4 pm or May 31, 2016  12-4 pm to #206 83 Sherbrook to a 4 hour class that will  explore and discuss recent developments in childbirth practices, breastfeeding, safe sleep practices, and newborn care.

The Introductory Offer of 50% off equals a  $40 registration for 1 or 2 grandparents who sign up together between April 7, 2016 and May 7, 2016 using the discount code 624473 at checkout.
Call 204-792-6769 or visit our REGISTRATION SITE


Janice Koepnick
Certified DONA Birth Doula
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE)