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Giving birth is one of life’s most amazing and intense experiences.

Since ancient times, pregnant women have turned to caring and experienced women called doulas for support and guidance in childbirth. As modern women have discovered this age-old tradition of woman-to-woman support, doulas have once again become the key to safer, easier, and happier births.

Doulas Defined:

A doula is a woman experienced in childbirth who provides you with continuous emotional, physical, and informational support before, during, and after the birth of your baby. We are able to support you if you are low risk or high risk, using a midwife or doctor, planning a homebirth or hospital birth – you and your partner are entitled to the support of a doula. As well, doulas work with clients who want to avoid medications, as well as those clients who are planning to use medications.

Doulas Make A Difference:

A recent Systematic Review of 15 gold standard Randomized Controlled Trials studied doula support of over 13,000 women. This study found that women supported by a doula were:

  • 26% less likely to give birth by cesarean section
  • 41% less likely to give birth with vacuum extraction or forceps
  • 28% less likely to use any analgesia or anesthesia
  • 36% less likely to be dissatisfied with or negatively rate their birth experience

How To Hire a Doula

Simply press the register now button and fill in the form Birth Doula. Please note the birth doula services are subject to availability. The birth doula(s) will be in contact with you by email or phone within 7 days. Please feel free to contact us with any questions 204-792-6769.

You will book and initial visit, this is a chance for you to meet the doula(s) and go through the contract and decide is this is the right service for you. If you decide you would like to go ahead with your birth doula the fee is $800 (plus gst). This fee is normally broken up into 3 payments. Alternate payment schedules can be arranged.